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Pilgrim Consulting LLC engages in a wide array of work founded on the technical expertise and experience of its President and tailored to meet the client's needs.

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Material S&T:  Provides insight on the complex inter-relationship between material, processing, microstructure, properties and part performance.  Provides cogent advice on process qualification and part certification.

Pathfinding Strategies:  Provide experienced-based expertise on developing strategic plans, roadmaps, and operating plans.  Establish, develop, and manage strategic partnerships, coalitions and working groups.

DoD /Government:  Utilize 39 years of executive and technological experience within the Federal Government service in order to assist clients understand the needs and motivations of their DoD/government customers. 


Working With the Best

Additive Manufacturing (AM):  As an internationally recognized expert in AM, provide clients with expert advice and guidance on AM S&T, processing, manufacturing, process qualification, and part certification.

Product Realization:  Pilgrim Consulting provides clients with expert advice and guidance on accelerating product deployment by bridging the gap between discovery and application.  

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