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Pilgrim Consulting LLC was founded by Dr. William "Pilgrim" Frazier on June 3, 2019 following a thirty-nine year long career with the Department of the Navy.  His call sign, Pilgrim, was adopted as a result of him leading an innovative Navy crowd sourcing project designed in order to explore the potential and provide strategic guidance to the Navy regarding the benefits and applications of additive manufacturing. 

(Why Pilgrim?  Pilgrims venture into unexplored or foreign lands on a holy quest.)   


Pilgrim Consulting specializes in Technology Transfer providing expert advice and pathfinding strategies to clients assisting them move from ideation through product realization.

Internationally Recognized Expert in

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Process Qualification & Part Certification

  • Materials & Processes

  • Aircraft Durability Technologies

  • Strategic Planning


  • Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Medal & Award

  • ASM International Fellow

  •  NAVAIR Esteemed Fellow

  • Fellow of Alpha Sigma Mu

  • Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award

  • 2017 President of ASM International.  Served seven years on the Board of Trustees 

  • Editor of the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

  • Key Reader for Met. Trans A.

Proud Member of

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